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  • Is the school accredited & am I a licensed nail technician when I graduate?
    1) Yes! Our school is recognized and accredited by NC Board of Cosmetic Arts. This link list out all school in North Carolina 2) Yes & no! Once graduated, you are eligible to get a 6 month temporary permit to work on the public. However, to be come fully licensed, you will need to go on and pass both NC Stateboard Theory and Practical exams. The school may guide and assist you in this process.
  • How do I enroll?
    All enrollments are done in person. Please call (980) 819-9089 or use our webiste to schedule an appointment.
  • How long is the Nail program?
    To complete the program and be eligible to take the board exams for licensure, students must complete a combined 300 hours of online & in-person training. • Full time students can complete the program in as little as 4.5 weeks • Part time students may complete the program in as little as 8.5 weeks
  • What are the class schedules?
    Class schedule are flexble and are set upon registration at the school. Students are required a minimum of 25hrs in-person training per week.
  • What is taught during the Nail Technology Pre-licensing program?
    Students will learn: 1) Infeciton Control 2) Blood Exposure 3) Manicuring 4) Pedicuring 5) Tip Application 6) Acrylic Overlay 7) Sculpture Acrylic 8) Gel Overlay 9) Dip Powder System Students are encouraged to inquire about additional lessons outside the above list.
  • Do you accept financial aid?
    Currently the school does not offer or accept any forms of financial aid. Payments can be made through forms of Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Checks.
  • Do I have to buy my own materials, supplies or textbook?"
    No. The school tuition covers all materials, supplies, textbook and online course.
  • Where are the State Exams taken and what are the schedules?
    State board practical exams are usually taken in Raleigh, NC. The written/theory exam can be taken at numerous locations. Test dates are scheduled by the students. You may use the link below to view current test dates and seat availability
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